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Majlis Solat Hajat dan Qiammullail - 28 Mei 2012

Salam semua.

Bersempena dengan peperiksaan pada bulan Mei yang lepas, pelajar-pelajar tahun 2 Kajian Khidmat Sosial telah mengadakan Majlis Solat Hajat dan Qiammullail yang dikelolakan oleh Ahmad Safwan Bin Zakaria. Majlis adalah julung kali diadakan oleh pelajar Social Work dan tidak rasmi. Majlis adalah inisiatif pelajar-pelajar sendiri.

Walaupun agak terlambat untuk saya menulis di dalam diari Alumi Pelajar & Pensyarah Kajian Khidmat Sosial ini, tetapi saya tetap menghargai sahabat-sahabat yang telah bersama sama menghadirkan diri di Surau Al-Mustakim, Kota Samarahan selama 2 hari pada 28 Mei 2012 lalu.

Program bermula pada pukul 6.30 iaitu solat Maghrib dan kemudian bersolat Isyak.

Pelajar-pelajar kemudian makan malam beramai-ramai. Makan malam adalah hasil masakan ahli Social Work. Nasi putih dan ayam masak kicap.

Ukhuwah dieratkan lagi apabila semua pelajar makan beramai-ramai di dalam talam/dulang. 

Selepas itu, kami juga mengadakan sedikit ice-breaking untuk merapatkan lagi ukhuwah. Sesi ini dikendalikan sendiri oleh saudara Safwan dan sangat menyentuh hati. Kami dapat mengenal lebih dekat lagi rakan-rakan kami setelah sama-sama berkongsi rasa hati dan ramai yang menitiskan air mata setelah mengenal lebih dekat sahabat-sahabat Social Work.

Pelajar-pelajar perempuan telah bermalam di bilik khas yang dilengkapi penghawa dingin manakala pelajar lelaki berada di dalam surau.

Pada pukul 4 pagi pelajar-pelajar bangun dan bersama-sama melakukan qiammullail - solat-solat sunat, solat subuh dan membaca Ma'thurat.

Sebelum pulang, pelajar-pelajar bersama-sama bersarapan air teh dan roti. 

Walaupun majlis ini tidak dapat disertai oleh kesemua pelajar tetapi majlis ini telah mengeratkan lagi hubungan ahli-ahli Kajian Khidmat Sosial. Semoga majlis seperti ini diteruskan pada masa akan datang dan melibatkan kesemua pelajar termasuk para pensyarah Social Work dan pelajar-pelajar bukan Islam.

Kami mengucapkan Selamat Datang kepada pelajar-pelajar tahun 1 yang akan mendaftar pada bulan September 2012. Saya berharap agar kesemua adik-adik dapat menyelami program Kajian Khidmat Sosial dan mengeratkan ukhuwah sesama kita.

p/s: Terima kasih kepada Nur Izzati untuk gambar gambar ni. :)


Salam Ramadhan, Happy Holiday, Good Luck and Congratulations to Social Work Students

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Salam Ramadhan and Happy Holiday.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all seniors who are going to attend the convocation day this October. May success be with you always !

On behalf of the committee, I am very sorry for not updating this alumni's blog. Everyone is so busy with intersession and holiday that we are not able to keep this blog updated.

I am pretty sure everyone is aware with the Royal Melbourne Institute Technology (RMIT) Student Exchange Programme which involved three of the 3rd year social work students - Medelinna Ling, Ezzah Alias and Boon Nyuk Phin. The programme is only for one semester.

Since this is a student exchange programme between RMIT-UNIMAS, there are three students from RMIT are going to attend the semester in UNIMAS as well. 

UNIMAS' students to RMIT:
1-Boon Nyuk Phin
2-Ezzah Alias
3-Medelinna Ling

RMIT's students to UNIMAS:
1-Ann Rachael Lupton
2-Kadija Abdullatif
3-Yara Mignon

The semester in Melbourne started on July. However, Boon Nyuk Phin is not able to attend this semester and will go for the next semester which is on February 2013. 

By the way, Dr Ling How Kee is going to visit RMIT University this 20 August 2012 to meet with these 5 students from UNIMAS and RMIT University.

taken from RMIT's facebook page click here

These are some of the pictures captured at RMIT University by Medelinna and Ezzah:

This was captured during orientation day. The orientation involved all exchange students from 26 countries all around the world - Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, US, Sweden, German, Mexico etc.

Medelinna Ling

Ezzah Alias

I hope everyone will enjoy these pictures. I will write some experiences and information that they got during their stay in Melbourne next time to share with the fellow social work mates.

All the best to those who are going take examination this week during intersession !

p/s: Do not forget to register to be our member. :)


Thursday, 19 April 2012


Click photo to the website (CTRL + left click)

Date: 17 - 18 July 2012
Venue: Kuching Hilton, Kuching
Registration fees: RM 400

  • Provide a forum for senior practitioners; field supervisors and social work educators to discuss how to improve mentoring for students and new entrants to the profession.
  • Promote the sharing and development of local teaching material thereby enhancing the integration of theory with contemporary practice.
  • Formulate an action plan to develop practice competencies in line with the forthcoming Social Work Act.
Who should attend:
  • Social Work educators
  • Practitioners who supervise other practitioners
  • Student Supervisors
  • New Graduate Entrants wishing to share their experiences
  • Members of Joint Council of Social Work Educators (JSCWE) who meet immediately after the conference.
  • Dr Brenda Clare - University of Western Australia (Fellow)
  • Michael Clare - Formerly Prof of Social Work, UWA
  • Dr Pauline Meemeeduma - UNICEF Consultant
  • Dr Phyllis Chee - Griffith University, Australia
  • Noraini Hashim - Deputy Director General (Operations), Department of Social Welfare
  • Prof Dr Ismail Baba - UUM, Kedah
  • Amy Bala - MASW
  • Assoc Prof Dr Ling How Kee - UNIMAS, Sarawak
  • Assoc Prof Siti Hawa Ali - USM, Kelantan
#For details, please click the photo above.

Important Dates:
23 April 2012 : Abstract Submission
15 May 2012 : Notification of Acceptance
1 June 2012 : Registration

For those who wish to stay at the conference venue, ask for the reduced rate when booking. Within walking distance of the venue there is a range of alternative accomodation including budget hotels. See conference website click here for more details.

The JCSWE will be held in UNIMAS campus at Kota Samarahan on Thursday morning July 19th. Attendance is by invitation and includes representatives from all public universities offering social work courses, MASW and JKM officials. Currently the Chair is with USM who will be issuing invitations in due course.

Direct flight to Kuching are available from KL, JB, KK and Penang as well as the major airports in Sarawak.
For members of JCSWE, UNIMAS will supply transport from the town centre to the campus and back via the airport.

Faizah Mas'ud or Gill Raja (082 581000 ext 2740)


Sunday, 15 April 2012

World Social Work Day 2012

Our very first entry will be about the World Social Work Day Programme that was held on 20th March 2012. The programme was held in collaboration with the Persatuan Sains Sosial. Below are the details of the programme:

Date: 20th March 2012
Venue: Dataran Eksperimental
Time: 0900-1600

All 2nd year students of Social Work Programme involved actively in the programme. 

We brought the children from Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Kuching (PERKATA) as our special guests. They also had prepared several games for the children. The games were conducted by Ikram and Mashitah with the help from the members.

The art from PERKATA children. They created house from the plasticine.

7 NGOs' had participate in the exhibition on the day.

  • Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)
MRA was the only NGO from Peninsular. MRA consists of volunteer who actively involved in the humanity mission all over the world. Click here for further information.The committee had prepared a special slot for MRA Journey and Exploring: Let's Join MRA. It was held on the same day from 1400 till 1600 at CTF3 BS5. The special task unit for MRA slot had invited all volunteers in the UNIMAS to join the talk. They also had opened the registration for students to join their volunteers team.

  • Sarawak Society for the Deaf
SSFTD sent three representatives and two of them were deaf. They sold note books, arts etc. They also taught the hand gestures signal that are used to communicate with the deaf.

  • Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik (PUSPEN)

  • Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak
  • Sarawak Children Cancer
  • Pusat Jagaan Persatuan Autisme
  • Persatuan Orang Cacat Sarawak


From left: Dr Spencer (Dean), Prof Dr Fadzil (TNC), Puan Hjh Faizah

The programme was launched by Prof Mohd Fadzil Abdul Rahman (TNC).

The VIP seat. Representative from Malaysian Relief Agency, Pusat Pemulihan Penagihan Narkotik, Pusat Jagaan Austisme, Sarawak Society for the Deaf, Sarawak Children Cancer, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak and Persatuan Orang Cacat Sarawak.

The lecturers came to give support.

Representative from Sarawak Children Cancer

Representative from Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Sarawak

Representative from Persatuan Orang Cacat Sarawak

Performance from Saudara Faiz.

      Next is,
The preparation for the launching ceremony.

The committee members. 

Congratulations everyone !


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