Friday, 10 August 2012

Salam Ramadhan, Happy Holiday, Good Luck and Congratulations to Social Work Students

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Salam Ramadhan and Happy Holiday.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all seniors who are going to attend the convocation day this October. May success be with you always !

On behalf of the committee, I am very sorry for not updating this alumni's blog. Everyone is so busy with intersession and holiday that we are not able to keep this blog updated.

I am pretty sure everyone is aware with the Royal Melbourne Institute Technology (RMIT) Student Exchange Programme which involved three of the 3rd year social work students - Medelinna Ling, Ezzah Alias and Boon Nyuk Phin. The programme is only for one semester.

Since this is a student exchange programme between RMIT-UNIMAS, there are three students from RMIT are going to attend the semester in UNIMAS as well. 

UNIMAS' students to RMIT:
1-Boon Nyuk Phin
2-Ezzah Alias
3-Medelinna Ling

RMIT's students to UNIMAS:
1-Ann Rachael Lupton
2-Kadija Abdullatif
3-Yara Mignon

The semester in Melbourne started on July. However, Boon Nyuk Phin is not able to attend this semester and will go for the next semester which is on February 2013. 

By the way, Dr Ling How Kee is going to visit RMIT University this 20 August 2012 to meet with these 5 students from UNIMAS and RMIT University.

taken from RMIT's facebook page click here

These are some of the pictures captured at RMIT University by Medelinna and Ezzah:

This was captured during orientation day. The orientation involved all exchange students from 26 countries all around the world - Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, US, Sweden, German, Mexico etc.

Medelinna Ling

Ezzah Alias

I hope everyone will enjoy these pictures. I will write some experiences and information that they got during their stay in Melbourne next time to share with the fellow social work mates.

All the best to those who are going take examination this week during intersession !

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